Friday, June 29, 2012

Allen's of California Pottery

While in the service my husband's father, Walt, asked his bunk mate who he was writing to.  The bunk mate said his sister back home in PA.  Walt told him jokingly to "send her my love" even though he didn't know her. Two years later, that joke turned to reality.  They were married in 1947.  Walt asked Jean when he got out of the service where she would like to live, PA or in the "Midwest" which was his home area.  Her response was the "Midwest" of course.  No questions asked.  Here she is city girl meets country living.

One of the things we inherited from my in-laws were a set of their dishes.  When it came time to divide things up no one seemed to want them.  Even though they were of a rather peculiar color, I found them appealing.  Especially, when I turned them over and they were "Allens of California Pottery".  My in-laws last name.  Certainly they needed to be rescued.

Allen's of California Water Pitcher  (1940's)

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  1. What a very sweet story - so glad you have the dishes - they're your treasures now.